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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nailene Review Part 2 of 3

As I am sure you can imagine I was very excited when my Nailene package arrived. It came in a big box which I am now kicking myself for not photographing before ripping it open. I was obviously too impatient, I am sure all you beauty bloggers can understand how that feels.

I will be sure to add pictures of all the packaging to give you an idea of what it was like....except the box as my mum threw it away before I had the chance to do so (oops) lol.

Inside the box was a purple gift bag which was stuffed with purple and green tissue paper. Purple is my favourite colour so this made it even better!

I was very impressed with the effort the Nailene team went to in making the package look as pretty as it did

Disclaimer: Yes I admit I did receive these products for free. However this WILL NOT have any effect on the review. I was NOT paid to do this. Therefore I will be sure to give you my HONEST opinions. Aside from the info on the product packaging the rest are just MY experiences and Opinions. If you don’t agree then that’s completely fine. :)

Now the good stuff.... the products I recieved!!


Nailene Says:

Nailene brings the salon home to you! Achieve a salon perfect French Manicure with these Polish Tip Guides.

I used these today with the Pearly Pink French Manicure Pen.

To be honest I find doing French nails very fiddly so even with the tip guides I feel I need quite a bit more practice. I am sure this is nothing to do with the product, I think it’s just because my hands aren’t that steady.

In my Opinion the guides and pen come as a whole. I feel people would find it a lot easier to use both together rather than separately. I used both today.

The one mistake I made was by deciding to save on guides, I used one for each hand. Looking back on it I feel this was a mistake. In my opinion it would work a whole lot better to use 1 tip guide per nail (I will try this next time.)


I find that if you aren’t careful the pens can be a bit messy. My recommendation would be to have some nail polish remover with you when you use these then you can clean up any mess that may occure.

Nailene Says: For Fingers and toes in two easy steps.

Optional: Apply tip guides across curve of nails to separate tip area.

Step 1: Actively shake pen. Press tip onto a protected surface for 30 seconds until tip is saturated with polish. Apply two coats to the tips of nails, let them dry. If guides were used peel them off gently.

Step 2: Apply one or two coats of Nailene’s Hard and healthy basecoat to the entire nail.

Be careful when do you the 1st step. As you run the risk of applying to much product, (this has happend to me many times.) Also be sure to make sure the tips are COMPLETELY dry before removing the guides, otherwise you will end up having to redo, (this also happend to me many times.)

I noticed step two says to use Nailene's Hard and Healthy base coat. For those of you that may now be thinking you have to rush out and buy this product in my opinion it isn't a necessity. I
don’t actually own this. I used the base coat I own which worked fine for me. So i'm sure any base coat would work perfectly well. I also applied a Dry Fast Top Coat on top to make drying a bit quicker. I will do a review at a later date of those two products.

I managed to get one nail to look half decent the other day. Two days later it is still looking as good as when it was first applied, Which I am actually quite pleased with considering it was 1st proper attempt. (two or three days after this the nail has come off completely so I will reapply soon to take a photo.)

I do have the white Pen as well but I haven’t really used it that much. I am not going to review this as it would be exactly the same.

I believe there is also a Pearly White available which i don't own and possibly even a black...I am not too sure on the black so dont quote me on that


Nailene Says

Easy to apply nail art stickers for fingers and toes! Everything you need to create fabulous nail art, all at the tip of your nails.
Application: Gently peel sticker off of the sheet and press onto the nail. For longer lasting effects apply a clear nail polish €over the entire nail.
To Remove: Use a nail polish remover, CAUTION KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
Ingredients include Acrylic Polymer, Acrylic Resin, BHT, Glass Fibres.

As with the French tip pen I found these very fiddly. I applied one to my thumb today and I really like the effect.

I always used to think this type of nail art was quite tacky. To be fair I was only used to the kiddie type stickers that came off after an hour.

These Nailene one are very good. They are really pretty dainty stickers. I have been doing this review over the last few of days. Two days after applying the sticker was still on with no sign of any lifting 2 or 3 days later they have now completely come off, however I am still very impressed.

Pictures will be added when I have had a chance to take them and Part 3 to come when I have tried the false nails.

Hope you are enjoying the Nailene Review so far.

All comments welcome.

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  1. Cool! I look forward to part three. I have been sent some stuff to review by them too, but I haven't got around to trying them yet. :)