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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Golden Greens

Here is a List of the products I used:

· Mac Paint Pot in Barestudy
· NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
· Mac Eye Shadow in Juxt
· Mac Eye Shadow in Rated R
· Mac Eye Shadow in One Off
· Mac Eye Shadow in Humid
· Mac 239 Brush
· Mac 224 + 226 to blend

Firstly I applied my Mac Paint Pot in Barestudy all over my lid
As you can probably tell by now this is my most used Paint Pot. That is because it is a really nice skin toned colour with a bit of shimmer that works well under any colour eye shadow. There is another one called Painterly which I think is very similar to Barestudy without the shimmer.
Some people say paint pots crease on them. If this is the case for you then I know 'Urban Decay Primer Potion' is good or you could try 'Too Faced Shadow Insurance'. I personally don’t have this problem so the Paint Pot on its own is fine for me.
I have tried Urban Decay Primer Potion and it was great but the packaging is such a pain. However that’s a whole other review that I may or may not do in the future.
Then over the top of Barestudy I applied My NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
I use my jumbo pencils as a base for my eye shadows and find it works really well. However I do find that without the paint pot they do tend to crease. So I always apply a paint pot first.
Surprisingly I have to say my favourite and most used Jumbo Pencil Has to be Black Bean. It really makes the shadows standout. This is a look I am loving at the moment.
Over Black Bean I applied Mac’s eye shadow in Juxt
This was one of the 1st Mac eye shadows I bought.
It is a very nice light Green with a Satin finish. This means (if I’m understanding it correctly,) that it has the colour payoff of a Matte shadow with a small amount of shimmer.
Mac describes it as a ‘Bright Green with Gold shimmer.’ By using the black base first it really makes the Juxt appear a lot more vivid.
Then I applied Mac’s Rated R
I applied this directly to the middle of the lid to work as a highlight and give depth to the look. I blended it out so it didn’t look too messy.
I was very hesitant when buying this shadow as. It is a very bright yellow green so I didn’t think it would suit me. However it seems to work really well with my brown eyes. It has been compared colourwise quite bit with Mac’s Bitter eye shadow although the finish is different.
Rated R has a Starflash finish.
Starflash was a Limited Edition finish which is very soft. In my opinion Star flash shadows are most comparable to Veluxe Pearl Shadows. They are both soft, almost silky feeling to the touch and they go on so easily.
Next I applied another Mac Starflash Shadow in One Off
I applied this to the outer corner and blended into the crease. I have read some reviews on this colour and people say it is comparable to Humid and Swimming. I would say that it’s definitely lighter than humid. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if it compares to swimming as I unfortunately don’t own it.
The final eye shadow I used is Humid
I applied this to my crease to give the look a bit of depth. I feel this worked well with all the other greens I used in the look.
Humid has a frost finish which means it has a kind of shimmer / sheen to it. I think it makes a very nice crease colour for this kind of look. Sometimes I find black can be a bit harsh so I much prefer to use a darker version of the main colour. This still gives it the smokey effect that you want but it is just that little bit softer.
Finally I applied my Diorshow mascara sample.
You can use any mascara you choose. You can also add liner if you wish. I just thought it was dramatic enough without liner for me.
Well that’s the completed look. I hope you like it. Let me know how you get on if you decide to try it.

More posts to come soon :)

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