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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mac Holiday Collection

As some of you may be aware I put myself on ‘Project No buy’ recently. I decided I was spending way too much on makeup and beauty products. I thought as Christmas is on the way I had better save some money to spend on presents.

I was chatting to a friend of mine about it, (he always laughs at me because of the amount I spend) and needless to say he didn’t think I would last more than a week doing this, so I was determined to prove him wrong lol.
He said he would give me 4 weeks before I bought anything, but he didn’t think I could do it. Much to his surprise I did the 4 weeks...pretty easily actually. (Yes he was very impressed lol.)
As I wasn’t having big withdrawal symptoms I decided to carry on to see how much longer I could last, just for my own curiosity and to save more money. I think it must’ve been a good couple of months before I really started wanting to go shopping.
At this point I think my friend was getting a bit concerned lol...He even said once ‘I think you should buy makeup now.’ As you can imagine I found this very amusing. However I was determined to keep going.
I knew when I was breaking because I started to look at the Superdrug, Boots, MAC, Urban Decay websites a lot more regularly.
Eventually I got back to a reasonable amount of money in my ‘Spending Account’ just as the Mac Holiday collections came out. I knew there was quite a lot that I wanted from these specific collections so I decided this would be a good time to allow myself a ‘little’ spend up.
I ended up spending more than I would normally for the amount of products I bought, this is because the holiday collections are more expensive because it has a lot of kits and palettes...However this also means you are getting a lot for your money.)

It was for this reason that I decided to only get 4 of the things I wanted. (It was still a lot of money though. :( ) I may ask for some of the other things for Christmas.
In this Post I am only going to tell you what I got from the collections. I will do more posts in the future and tell you more about the individual items.
I got 1 of the eye shadow Palettes. There are 4 of these in the collection. They each come with 6 eye shadows and a Mini 213 brush.

I was finding it really difficult to choose which one I wanted as I would’ve quite happily bought all 4 if I could afford to do so. I ended up choosing The Sorceress Palette.
I also got 1 of the 2 lip bags and 1 of the 2 eye bags, again I would’ve loved both of each but in the hope of saving money I had to choose.
Each of the lip bags come with a lipstick, Dazzle Glass and Lip Pencil. These come with a silver coloured reflective bag with pink lining. These Bags are very handy because surprisingly you can fit a lot in them (this is the same with the eye bags but they have blue lining...well the 1 I have does.
I decided to go with the darker 1 which is called the ‘House of Mirth Deep Lip Bag.’ The other one was a very nice pink nude set. I would’ve bought this but I decided I have quite a few nude colours so I thought I would go for something a bit different.
The eye bags include a mini Zoom Lash Mascara a Full size Fluid Line with mini eyeliner brush and a Full Size Pigment.
I really struggled to choose which of the Eye bags I wanted. I wanted to try the Black Track fluidline which came in 1 of the bags and the other bag had the other thing I wanted... a full size Melon Pigment. (I have the sample and love it.)
In the end I decided to go with the one that had Black Track. I may be asking for Melon Pigment for Christmas.

The Final thing I bought was one of the three Pigment vial sets from the Mischief Makers Collection. As with the other things I am wishing I had bought the other 2 Pigment sets now but oh well.

I got the one in ‘Cool Capers': This set included 4 Pigments and 1 glitter:

The Glitter is called Transparent Teal
The 4 Pigments included were Fuchsia, Kitchmas, Deep Blue Green and finally Grape,

Well those are my MAC holiday collection purchases, I hope you liked it and I will update this post if I decide to get more.

Thanks for Reading Hope you like the post and keep a look out for some more in depth reviews of the individual items in the future


  1. wow u went so long without buying any make-up! thts really impressive :) u should be really pleased with yourself i'd say you've earned this treat! great post hun :) x

  2. Wow, This is a fab haul and I am so jealous! I wish I wasn't so skint!


  3. Wow! That's a great MAC haul :) This year's holiday collection is lovely and you got some great items. Hope to see your thoughts on them once you've had a good play.

  4. I definately could not go more than a month without buying new makeup. Im an avid internet shopper, which makes it even more difficult. (shoppping at my fingertips anytime I want)LOL That MAC palette looks awesome...I might just have to check that out!

  5. Great palette choice, the Sorceress palette looks soo pretty xx Livia