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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lush Purchases

I know I didnt technically NEED to go back to Lush, but there were a few more things I wanted to get from their range of Christmas products. I also needed to get some more 'I love Juicy' Shampoo.

Let me start off by saying I love going into Lush, everyone in there is so nice and helpful. I can be a bit shy sometimes going up to shop assistants and asking for help. It's different in Lush though, I am normally perfectly happy going up to someone in there and asking questions or for the occasional sample of a product.
However on this particular day it was quite busy in there, (everyone wanted their freebies....more on that later.) This meant that the shop assistants weren't quite as helpful as they are normally. It was because of this that I got a bit flustered and stressed, therefore I ended up forgetting one of the things I REALLY wanted to get... Satsumo Santa.

Anyway onto the items I did get.
So White Bath Ballistic x 2

I took this after using one of them. It has an Apple scent which is very nice. I only really bought this because it was described as a Bath ballistic with a bit of bubble bar in it.

I really enjoyed using this product however I do remember thinking that I expected it to be a bit frothier.

Would I repurchase....Not sure, It would depend on the other christmas products that were out and how much money I had to spend.

The next thing I bought is the Christmas Party Bomb:

I can't say much about because I havent tried it. Once I have tried it I will add a bit here telling you my thoughts.

Next I bought the Candy Cane Bubble Bar

I bought this simply because I love bubble bars and sweet smells. This is supposed to be both.
I will let you know my thoughts after using. I think i might have 2 of these. You will see why in a later post.
I think this next product is called 'Gnome Name'. This is a play on the words 'No Name' I'm not entirely sure but I think Every shop has a different name for this product. I think I read this was called Elfis in my local Lust store.

I am yet to try this so expect another post on this product in the future. (Maybe I should do a series of short reviews?)

The final item I bought is a soap. It is called Angel's Delight

I bought this soap because it looked and smelt really nice. Again I have another 1 of these in a different colour and shape. You will see that at a later date.

Okay that's it for this post. More Lush to come soon.

Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave a comment

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