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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Freebie Xmas Gift Box

You may have noticed in my last Lush Purchases Post that I said a number of times that I have 2 of a certain product. You may have been wondering the reasons behind this.
Well here is where I explain all.
I'm sure some of you UK Beauty Bloggers are aware that Lush have a sale on at the moment...(Let me just check the site to make sure it's still running...Yes it looks like it is, Yay). Basically the sale says that If you spend £20 on any Lush products you get a free gift box worth upto £25.
So here I am to show you my freebies.
First things first though, although I love the gift I got (don't get me wrong.) If I had known everything that was included I would've either picked out something different. Or bought other things, just so I didnt get as many repeats. But oh well it was free so I'm not complaining hehe.
One thing I didn't like was that some of the the Polystyrene pieces they put inside the box to protect the products got stuck to some of the products. This isnt the end of the world, just a bit annoying having to pull them off.
Okay enough rambling lets get on to the good stuff!! The Products!!

Firstly Here's the gift I chose....STAR DUST!!

Well semi chose..The shop assistant suggested that I might Like it because I was buying lots of sweet smelling things. It's normally sold in the shop for £24.99 (i think.) So I got about £45 worth of Lush Products for £20.....How's that for a good deal!?!?
In the Box I recieved:
Star Luxury Bath Melt
I haven't tried this So I can't really say much about it. I love stars and moons though so I think this is really nice.
You may be able to see the left over bits of Polystyrene that wouldn't budge. Oh well it'll come off eventually. I will let you know how I get on when I try it. Although it probably won't be for a while...I have A LOT of Lush to get through lol.
Now, you just heard me mention that I love the moon. So imagine how excited I was when I opened this free gift and found.....

This Product is actually something I bought on the same day as recieving this gift. So I was slightly annoyed to start off with that I could've bought something else instead. However When I saw it was in the shape of a Moon I didnt care.
I am very tempted to not use this just because I love the shape and don't want to ruin it. Also it smells great in my room lol. Any thoughts greatly appreciated....please leave a comment :).

The thing I love about this soap is that it seems every piece you get is going to be different. As you can see this one is bright yellow. My other Angels Delight Soap as you saw in the last post is a bright pink with purple block shape.
I used my pink one in the bath this morning and I really like it.

Another couple of things I recieved were the 'Double Fast Luck Emotibomb'

To be honest I'm not really sure what to do with this. I think it is meant to be a shower product. i think it just sits on the floor of the bath and fizzes around your feet...? However I have baths not showers. So if anyone can give me some advice. Would this work by just dropping it into the bath water?
Just thought I would add a mini review here for this product now that i have used it. It was nice...I was told to use a small amount of it but I actually ended up using the whole thing. It made the water a very lovely pink bubbles (but i wasn't expecting any so thats okay.)
The fact that product was very glittery scared me but don't be alarmed once in the water the glitter doesnt notice apart from maybe the odd fleck here n there and it doesnt show up on the skin either. This for me is a good thing.
I also got the Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub
I'm not sure if I will be using this or not I have had a sugar scrub in the past and not really got on with it.....I will let you know what I decide to do.
Now for the repeats:
I got another Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I didn't mind getting another one of these because The 1st I got for xmas So I don't feel like i wasted money on it. I used this this morning and I really like it.

Snow fairy Solid Perfume

As I mentioned in my Christmas Presents Lush Post I didnt really like this product. But I dont really know why. It has the same scent as the shower gel but for some reason I find this really sickly. Whereas I like the Shower Gel Scent.

I won't be wearing this...Now I have 2....(I am actually giving them away to a couple of friends.)

The final Thing I got in my gift box:

Candy Cane Bubble Bar

The fact that I got a free one of these actually really annoyed me. Well actually thats not quite true... It wasn't the fact I got one free, it was the fact that this was one of my 'Spend £20 purchases'!! I actually spent money on it not realising it was in the box!

Okay to be fair I should have taken more notice of what was in the box. But it would've been nice if the lady behind the counter said 'Do you realise if you buy this 'Candy Cane Bubble Bar' you will have 2 because theres 1 in the gift box?'

Maybe as she knew I liked sweet smells she thought I realised and wanted 2. But if I had been her I would've double checked with the customer and given them the opportunity to swap the 1 they were buying for something else...? Am I being harsh or do you agree?

After that rant I actually do think I am going to like this though so I don't mind :).

Well that's everything in my freebie box...Looking at the length of this post I am glad I didn't add it on to my last Lush Post lol.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all enjoyed and please feel free to comment :)


  1. I used double fast luck the same as a bath bomb but I broke it up into like 4 peices as the scent was so strong

  2. Nice set! I have a sugar scrub, but not sure how to use it!.. I wanted the snow fairy perfume, They had run out in my lush when I went.. It smells divine! They never had this set as an option for me when I went to lush though. Nice set though, Lush is so... Lush!! haha!!


  3. @Sophie Thanks for commenting :) I dont know what it is about the perfume 2 sickly for me...and i have 2 of them lol....dont understand how i can like the shower gel but not the perfume.

  4. I love that sugar scrub it smells gorgeous x

  5. All these Lush hauls Joaellis, making me hungry lol

  6. Lol I look forward to it!