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My name is Jo I am in my 20s and officially a makeup beauty Addict. I have always loved playing with makeup. However It was at the beginning of this year that I finally discovered my passion. I first got into makeup in a big way when I searched for something on Youtube. I typed in the search and found all these girls talking about and experimenting with makeup. From that day on I was hooked. I have made a couple of really good friends on youtube who encouraged me to start blogging. So as I am unable to make videos myself here I am. It's early days but I have some interesting things to come. If you have anything to say about any of my posts please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks Jo x

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blog Take Two: Introduction to my blog

Hi guys,

I decided to create a new beauty blog as my last one (Jo's Beauty blog) was a Complete FAIL, and my good friend Becky (AKA Sirvinya on youtube) has been telling me for weeks that i need to update my blog.

'Why didn't I just continue with your old one I hear you ask?'

Well there are two reasons for that really. Firstly i decided the name of the old blog Jo's Beauty Blog was very boring. I wanted something a bit more catchy....I hope you will agree this one is much better.

Now the Second reason....this is more of a technical reason and probably the Main reason for creating a new one.... I forgot the details of my old one lol....Yes it really has been that long since i updated. (Slap Wrists i know lol.)

So Becky I am RELYING on you to nag me to keep this one updated hehe.

Okay now all that's out the way I guess I should introduce myself to those of you who don't know me. (Not that I am expecting many readers / followers lol.)

My name is Jo I am 23 years old and OBVIOUSLY I am addicted to makeup and anything beauty related.

I have always loved makeup since i was little but my main obsession with it really only started after doing a search for something on youtube at the beginning of this year. I then discovered all these girls that loved makeup and made videos. This Made me create a youtube account so I could subscribe to some of my favourites and comment on videos. So yes as I'm sure most beauty bloggers and youtubers would say. I blame my addiction entirely on youtube. LOL.

Now, makeup to me isn't something I HAVE to wear on a daily basis. I am perfectly happy to go out the door without anything on. Having said that as I have so much of it I do try to find time to put it on if i am going out.

I mainly think of it as something that's Great fun to play with and experiment with different looks and colours.

I have a very arty family. (Which I think to be honest is where my love for makeup came from.) I am a big fan of colour so I love experimenting to see what suits me and what doesn't. Certain colours still scare me but I try to look at is as that's what the makeup wipes are for....If you dont like it it can always be taken off... So if I could give any advice to anyone reading this my message would be, 'Don't scared to experiment. Just have fun with it.'

Okay...So I think I have come to the end of this entry. I shall look forward to seeing what you think of this Becky. Let me know. (At least I know one person will be reading it lol.) Also let me know what you think of the name choice?

Bye for now.

Jo. x

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  1. Oh yay!! I hope you keep this one going :) Give me a shout if you need any help with anything.