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My name is Jo I am in my 20s and officially a makeup beauty Addict. I have always loved playing with makeup. However It was at the beginning of this year that I finally discovered my passion. I first got into makeup in a big way when I searched for something on Youtube. I typed in the search and found all these girls talking about and experimenting with makeup. From that day on I was hooked. I have made a couple of really good friends on youtube who encouraged me to start blogging. So as I am unable to make videos myself here I am. It's early days but I have some interesting things to come. If you have anything to say about any of my posts please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks Jo x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sorry again and Updated Mac Palettes

I guess the first thing I should say is Sorry for the lack of Posts. I have been very lazy lol. Not a very good excuse but oh well.

I'm very pleased with my current makeup setup and I have been wanting to show you for a while, however I am currently making a couple of finishing touches. Instead of making you wait even longer for a post I decided to get started with one of the easiest parts of my collection..My Mac Eyeshadows.

Most of you are Probably aware I am a Huge Fan of Mac Shadows and I have collected quite a few over the last couple of years. (I have collected a lot of Mac in general but thats another story for another post hehe.)

Mostly I buy the individual shadows from Mac and put them in a palette. I do have a few premade palettes + quads which i like but most of them tend to get forgotten about as I always reach for my 15 pan palettes. I also decided to put the Coastal Scents Hotpots that Becky sent me in with my Mac shadows as they were kind of getting forgotten about when they were in a palette of their own.

I have them organised into colour families, but as I started to outgrow some of the palettes I decided to convert them into 26 pan palettes.      

I did this by taking the separator off and sticking the metal plate down with Double Sided Sticky tape. There are Numerous Videos showing how this is done..just do a search on youtube :). 

Now I will get on with showing you the Pictures of the Palettes. I would tell you the shadow names but that would make this post way too long. If you want names I will do a seperate post. Or you could put a comment if theres a specific shadow you want to know the name of. 

I do also have a Quad of 4 smokey colours that I made. I forgot to photograph this but it has Carbon, Electra Silver Thorn and Knight Devine. 

Hope you like the Pictures.

Bronze Brown

Pinks Peachs Reds Oranges
Greens Yellows and Golds
Nudes and Highlights


  1. i want your bronze brown palette! those are amazing colours